So difficult to do, so easily forgotten.



2012: a shittily good year, as my dear sister Diane puts it.

2012 was no less dramatic than 2011, if not more, and it has been so full of shit I don’t even know where to begin. But it has been good, I lost some and gain some. I found a man who makes me want to spend the rest of my life with him, someone who tries to put me before himself, someone who makes me smile and holds my hand on rainy days. And the start of 2013 also means that he’s coming home soon! And so is another favourite person of mine 😀

I’m excited for the new year because it’s already looking great! And yes deep down I do believe it’s gonna be the best year yet. It just keeps getting better even with the increase in shit, you know.

So yes, Happy New Year to you all, may this coming year be one that is full of joy and laughter, and may you never be too busy for your loved ones :>

Turning 20.

So… I’m finally 20.

Feels rather surreal, it’s like, oh okay so it’s the big two.

Caught a movie and had dinner at Fukuichi with Weide on the actual day itself, and right now I’m typing this at my uncle’s house. Gathered my extended family members here for a cosy gathering – something that we haven’t done in ages and I thank God that all of them came 🙂 Nothing fancy, just some finger food but it made me happy to see everyone coming tgt because they love me. Thank You Jesus 😀

Happy holidays, everyone! ^^

Time of the sem.

It’s the time of the sem again aka exam season.

Feeling unusually stressed up about it this time round and I have no idea why. For the first time in my schooling life I feel that I really can’t do this. I can feel the inadequacy, and how everyone else seems to be so much smarter and I’m forever at the bottom of the bell curve. But strangely, every time I feel like that, I feel the spirit reminding me that if I truly believe that I am where I am truly by God’s grace, then I will believe that He has it all planned out, and He will cover me and be with me every step of the way. I must believe that He has already equipped me with whatever I need to overcome every obstacle, and I just need to give it my best, and He will do the rest.

I’m just afraid, that even though I feel that I’ve already given my best, it isn’t my best.

Back in town.


My favourite spiritual man is back in town. I don’t know why I’m blogging about it but it was so good to see him during service today. The hug he gave and the ruffling of my hair somehow made me feel very loved – there was so much affection in those simple actions. Have always adored this brother dearly, and every time I look at him I feel a sense of pride because his life is such an amazing testimony of how good our God is.

Can’t wait to catch up with this dear brother after my exams! 😀