So difficult to do, so easily forgotten.


To stop, or to fight.

“Sustaining love isnt easy, but it sure isn’t supposed to be that hard either. So when it really really just hurts, then stop hurting yourself. Know when you should stop giving, and stop fighting.”

– Ben


2012: a shittily good year, as my dear sister Diane puts it.

2012 was no less dramatic than 2011, if not more, and it has been so full of shit I don’t even know where to begin. But it has been good, I lost some and gain some. I found a man who makes me want to spend the rest of my life with him, someone who tries to put me before himself, someone who makes me smile and holds my hand on rainy days. And the start of 2013 also means that he’s coming home soon! And so is another favourite person of mine 😀

I’m excited for the new year because it’s already looking great! And yes deep down I do believe it’s gonna be the best year yet. It just keeps getting better even with the increase in shit, you know.

So yes, Happy New Year to you all, may this coming year be one that is full of joy and laughter, and may you never be too busy for your loved ones :>