Sister from another mother.

God really brings people together in the most magical and epic ways ever.

And in no way am I exaggerating when I said that God gave me a beautiful gift on Christmas 2009 because I met this amazing woman who eventually became someone whom I love and treasure so much.

It’s amazing how we keep this friendship and sisterhood alive over almost 4000 miles. We don’t talk to each other everyday, but we know that we love each other deeply and if anything we’re always there for each other.

And I’m thankful. More than thankful. Because on so many occasions she has been my comfort and support, and she probably knows all my deep dark secrets but yet loves me the same. I don’t think I’ve been a great friend to her, and I think she’s been there for me more than I’ve been there for her, but she’s been so kind and so encouraging and I feel so loved.

I would post a picture of us if only we had, but the irony of all things is that as close as we are we never had a proper photo together LOL so here’s a solo shot of my beautiful sister, Diane.

my beautiful sister, Diane

Such a random post hahaha but just wanted to thank God for her, and dearest Diane if you happen to see this, I love you 🙂


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