“My concern isn’t so much about the things you do but about you, yourself, your life! Because I know that if your life is right with God, the actions will follow naturally. I worry that your heart might be stolen. As I’ve said to you during your baptism, you love freely and vulnerably and that could be your greatest strength and at the same time, an opening for the devil. More and above anything and everything else – will you trust God enough over all areas of your life? The battle for your soul will intensify. Life at home will not be easier, ministry commitments will get tougher, personal life struggles will be fiercer. But will you listen to the Lord? Even when it is difficult to understand? We’re accountable to God and people who have been appointed by God. […] The storm rages and some times the storm in our hearts drown out God’s voice. And that is when we count on godly peers and leaders to nudge us (or strangle us, if you prefer hehe). Listen Seeting, listen to the voice of God. Really seek Him: tune out the world completely and tune in to Him. If you’re still, you will hear Him speak. God loves you too much, much more than you know. And He’s definitely more concerned about who you turn out than your comfort. It won’t be a comfortable life to follow God – but be humbled and satisfied by the living water.

No matter how many times I read this note, something in it will speak to me and the situation that I’m in. It’s amazing; how a note written in Feb 2011 can still speak to me. Thank You Jesus, for this precious friendship and fellowship.

I thank my God every time I remember you. (Philippians 1:3)

Thank God for God, thank God for you.


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