Time of the sem.

It’s the time of the sem again aka exam season.

Feeling unusually stressed up about it this time round and I have no idea why. For the first time in my schooling life I feel that I really can’t do this. I can feel the inadequacy, and how everyone else seems to be so much smarter and I’m forever at the bottom of the bell curve. But strangely, every time I feel like that, I feel the spirit reminding me that if I truly believe that I am where I am truly by God’s grace, then I will believe that He has it all planned out, and He will cover me and be with me every step of the way. I must believe that He has already equipped me with whatever I need to overcome every obstacle, and I just need to give it my best, and He will do the rest.

I’m just afraid, that even though I feel that I’ve already given my best, it isn’t my best.


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