Same same, but different.

[11/19/12 PM 10:01:42] Seets: i feel better and more prepared for some reason lol [11/19/12 PM 10:09:31] Jordan Kang: i feel shittier and more unprepared

It’s quite funny how different we feel after having ‘intensive crash course’ together. Even though I couldn’t get some of the things that were brought up, I feel much more at ease compared to the past few days, and I can feel His peace residing in me. It’s amazing. Earlier today I was feeling so vexed and stressed out and now I actually feel lighter – thank You Jesus. Indeed, You are the Prince of Peace.

I would like to say that I have done my best at this point in time, even if I know I didn’t really give my all throughout the sem. I pray that this peace will be with me from the start of the exam season till the end, and even in the event that the papers do not go well I will not feel defeated.



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